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July 25, 2007 at 2:13 pm (text-only)

Punk knitting books are popping up everywhere, the slogan “not your granny’s knitting!” is plastered all over them. Quite frankly, if I see another mohawk hat… (see: here (and no offense to Domiknitrix, it’s a pretty decent book, (also, this example doesn’t even compare to some of the ones I’ve seen in other books, it’s just the first image that came up on google,))) well, I don’t know. I simply can not let the term “punk knitting” be defined in mohawk hats and sweaters with an English flag pattern. I’m putting my boot down.

A few things you should know about this blog: 1) All knits are going to be vegan-friendly. I do not use any animal fiber in my projects. 2)  I am writing a series of punk knitting zines, which will include patterns for the things you see here. Eventually, maybe they’ll become a book? Who knows. 3) Most projects are going to be 80s punk/hardcore inspired (not all, though.) If you’re not familiar, become familiar, if not just because I’m probably going to crack a few corny jokes here and there about the subject (the title of this blog is one of them!) I’ll have a few others that are political or related to a different kind of band, but that’s the jist of it.

So, my name is Leah, and welcome to Flex Your Thread. I thought of the name while I was on the toilet last night, I was really delirious at the time and it seemed really funny to me. I consulted less delirious friends, they laughed. I’m awake now, I still think it’s funny, so it’s sticking around.

So, a little about me. Again, my name is Leah. At the moment I’m living in Long Island (soon to be Brooklyn). I’m attending SVA this semester for Illustration (if you just so happen to go there too, say hey!) I lead a vegan and drug-free lifestyle, somehow the vegan thing has been much more accepted than the straight edge thing. I’m a Taurus, I enjoy long bike rides on the trail, cupcakes, and a trip to Generation Records. I am, however, taken by a wonderful man who overwhelms me with every idea he comes up with that I could possibly knit. I can’t complain, it provides good material for this blog/zine to follow. I attend a weekly Stitch n Bitch, which is pretty small right now, but we’re trying to expand; so if you live on Long Island, feel free to contact me here for more details on that, we want you to join us, I will be promoting that from time to time here. Anything else? Oh, yeah, I do have a knitting tattoo. This isn’t a game.

One last thing: I’d really appreciate people commenting on the entries in here, I’d like to know people are actually reading this.

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