Op Ivy sweatervest

August 19, 2007 at 1:27 pm (operation ivy, sweatervest)

I’m actually in the middle of like, 3 projects for this blog/zine, so you’ll get a lot of new projects really soon. It’s getting colder and I plan to sport this number around quite a bit. I just woke up and took these pictures, so I look tired as hell; and like a newspaper boy. A tired as hell newspaper boy.



And original album cover as requested:

Listening to: This is My Fist! – A History of Rats



  1. mamborey said,

    The doll was pretty cool. Looks like it wasn’t easy to make (not a knitter, so I’ve no clue, however experience tells me: 3D = not easy). But this comment *really does* belong with this entry because I was curious as to the design on the back of the sweater vest. Wondering if it was inspired, and if so, by what *and* (here’s the connection with the MT doll, to bring it all full-circle) could you post the image as you had with the album cover. Thx. -MR

  2. flexyourthread said,

    Done deal my friend.

  3. Sareth said,

    Op Ivy rule – and you look awesome as a newspaper boy đŸ˜›

  4. Sean! said,

    how cute!! i love it leah!

  5. kittee said,

    i love the vest. did you write the pattern or is it available somewhere?


  6. flexyourthread said,

    I’m writing a zine soon with patterns to everything, I’ll update when it’s available. And thanks!

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