August 31, 2007 at 4:26 am (text-only)

Hey guys, first and foremost: I’m not dead

I just moved to Brooklyn and I didn’t think to stock up on yarn before I left, so I inevitably ran out and couldn’t complete a few projects. I’ve got some of my shit together now though and I’ve about completed one small (but cute, and Bad Brains related) project, and I’m in the middle of two other projects (a shirt and a cardigan. Both equally badass, at least in my head, anyway.)

 Also, some of you may be familiar with the Bust Magazine holiday craft fair? I want to be a vendor at it so bad but it’s way too expensive for me. The fee does, however, cover for two chairs and I would only need one. Maybe someone would want to do this with me and split the cost? Hmmm? Probably not. Anyways, expect updates soon.


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  1. Kirsty said,

    Hey, Kirsty of the Wonder Woman jumper here. I followed your link from your comment over at my blog. Nice site! Looking forward to seeing your badass projects (moving to Brooklyn is a pretty good excuse for just about anything, in my book…)

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