Descendents coffee cozy

September 13, 2007 at 12:13 am (coffee cozy, descendents)

Graphing out Milo was the first self-made intarsia pattern I had ever done, but I never really did anything with him. Next to my apartment I get really good coffee for 50 cents, so I’ve been drinking a lot of it. I figured a knitted coffee cozy would help resolve the waste problem involving those little cardboard sleeves you put around your coffee because it’s too hot. My boyfriend (who is kind of a know-it-all yet has never held knitting needles in his life) tried to shoot me down and tell me a knitted coffee cozy would be nonfunctional and would still be hot. Guess what, it worked; but those of you who knit probably knew it would.

Descendents coffee logo:

(aww I love this logo.)

And the cozy:

Action shot! Three different angles! Hoohah:

Listening to: The Frumpies – Frumpie One-Piece



  1. rae said,

    that knit coffee sleeve is fantastic! wow 😀 if one of my customers had ever come in with one of those i’d have attempted to buy it off of them… 😀

  2. H-dog said,

    I need this pattern. Aren’t you putting a knitting zine together?

  3. flexyourthread said,

    I am — I did a lot of it on the computer, then our laptop got stolen so I have to start all over again, but it will be out.

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