I don’t wanna hear anymore about money…

October 7, 2007 at 1:14 am (text-only)

(… but I need it anyway.)

 Okay, so I haven’t gotten a job since I moved to Brooklyn and college is eating up my bank account. I have tons of leftover yarn from the projects I’ve posted here. What I’m getting at is, I can easily make duplicates of the things I’ve posted here. If anyone is interested in perhaps buying anything, leave a comment with what it is (this doesn’t mean you’re obligated to buy anything — I just want to get an idea of which projects will sell better than others so I know about how many of each to make.) I’ll post an entry later with what’s available and new projects (including some wearables… though I probably won’t make duplicates of those. Well, at least not all of them.)

Everything will be considerably cheap, I promise.

Oh, I have something to post soon, I just have to wait for it to come out of the wash (I spilled coffee on it,) and I made a new cover for the zine (I ditched the one I posted before.)

Also, if anyone has any new ideas for projects, drop a line. I have a few that are in the works, but I could always use new ideas.


1 Comment

  1. chelsea said,

    i don’t know if i would buy wearables, but i would definatly buy patterns! especially for the op ivy sweater vest.

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