“Out of Step” bag

October 28, 2007 at 1:44 am (bag, minor threat)

We got a new computer that has already given us more problems than we bargained for. However, at least now I can show you my favorite bag as of late.
(My boyfriend was taking a million shots of this which got really embarrassing. Check out the Alec MacKaye doll hanging out next to my head!)

Better detail view/strap view.

Strap action shot!

I might suggest that if any of you make this once I put out the pattern in the zine, maybe you don’t want to make it white. It got real dirty real fast and was a serious coffee spill magnet.

Also, I should really learn to buy more yarn than I think is appropriate, because I always run out. I’m in the middle of at least three wearables that I can think of that are on hold because I ran out of yarn. Oh well, the latest one I’m entering in a craftster.org challenge, so it’ll be impressive.

Listening to: Fire Party – 19 Songs



  1. Kelly said,

    Hi, I found you from Craftster. What cute stuff you make! That is so weird about the break-in. What a dumb thug! I’m glad no one was home and everyone is safe. I’ll have to bookmark you into the knitting blogs that I read! Thanks!

  2. Ryan said,

    this is great! my girlfriend is knitting me a scarf and i thought it would be cool to have the “out of step” sheep on one end of it. that’s how i found your blog.

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