Bad Brains capitol pin cushion

September 6, 2007 at 2:19 am (bad brains, pin cushion)

I just got back from a backyard show in our friends’ apartment across the street. One of the bands did both a Gorilla Biscuits and Bad Brains cover, which reminded me to post this quick project that took me all of maybe 2 hours:

It’s a pin cushion! (See the pins?) Modelled after the capitol building on the cover of the self titled Bad Brains record (and arguably one of the best releases of the 80s.. or ever..)

(By the way, the cover was “Pay to Cum,” introduced by “this is a cover.. you can sing along if you want but no one understands the words anyway.” Fair enough.)

Oh, if you have cats, don’t keep this (or any pin cushion) in reach of them. They look all cute next to your projects, but then they try to eat your pins. For those who aren’t all that savvy on pet care, that’s bad.

Listening to: Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today


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