“Slip It In” Vibrator Cozy

September 21, 2007 at 2:45 am (black flag, vibrator cozy)

Okay, I warned everyone. I said, “if I ever talk about making a ‘slip it in’ vibator cozy, don’t let me.” Upon warning my friend Hobart (who I attend our weekly Stitch n Bitch with), he suggested, “what if you made it look like the nun?” I think it’s fair to say that that was something I simply had to do.

And so.

Front view:

Original album art:

Side views:

And so the whole world can see what kind of a vibrator I have:

Also, this has nothing to do with knitting but if you guys are into reading about punk/hardcore history at all and thought American Hardcore didn’t measure up, I suggest picking up Dance of Days, I just picked it up and so far it’s really extensive and seems promising.

Listening To: World/Inferno Friendship Society – East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!


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