Flex Your Thread is a knitting blog filled with punk/hardcore inspired patterns. No animals were harmed for the fibers of these projects.

 Leah is an eighteen year old girl with a love of Clover bamboo needles and a really bad habbit of losing important elements of her yarn stash. You can contact her via AIM: jigsawxyouthh



  1. ollie104 said,

    hey really impressed with what ive seen on here 😀
    thought i may as well drop a comment from england 😀
    anyway see ya!

  2. Lex said,

    Hi Leah,

    Just after an update! Is the first zine out yet and will it include the Minor Threat bag pattern? I NEED one of these in my life… seriously.


  3. flexyourthread said,

    Hey girl,
    It will, I haven’t put too much time into this since I’ve been moving and haven’t had my needles or yarn or anything on hand. I’ll post when it’s out!

  4. Rogue said,

    hey! I’ve seen a lot of what you make on Craftster, and I’m a gigantic fan. if the latest edition of the zine comes out, let me know!

  5. Rogue said,

    oh. you can get a hold of me at theroguekane2010(at)hotmail(dot)com or I’m Minorpunk56 on Craftster! Thanks!

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